PLC Programming


The automation of processes aims to make automatic and systematic processes performed manually, making them more efficient, safe and effective, significantly increasing the productive capacity and considerably reducing production costs, since rework and waste are reduced with the use of process automation.

CALC is specialized in the development of small, medium, and large control logics for PLCs, having wide experience in development platforms of the main manufacturers:

PLC’S & Software’s

  • Rockwell
  • Schneider
  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • National Brands

Supervisory System (SCADA and HMI)


The interaction of the operator with the control system, can be done through HMI (Human Machine Interface) used for small applications, or computers with Supervisory Systems (SCADA) these used for medium / large applications.

We develop all screen design, Supervisory layout (SCADA or HMI), graphics, reports and alarms, in addition to performing all system configuration with the PLC, system commissioning and startup.

Electric Projects


CALC is prepared to develop projects of electrical command and power panels, up to large-size MCC, with quality and efficiency for use in industries of several segments.

The CCM (Motor Control Center) panels are used to control and drive the loads (motors, resistances, actuators) in an automatic/manual way, with the use of a PLC, where the logic inserted inside the PLC activates certain loads according to the process needs.

All electrical projects developed by CALC comply with the current standards, NR-10, NR-12, NBR-5410, in addition to the IEC 69431 international standard for the manufacture of electrical panels, which regulates the form of assembly of the panels and their types of PTTA or TTA tests.

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    We carry out electrical and automation projects for your equipment and production line, we are process specialists.