Technical Services

Machine Retrofiting


“Retrofitting” is the reforming old equipment and/or machinery, replacing sensors and other old components that are difficult to replace, with more modern and efficient solutions.

All the main characteristics and operation of the machine are maintained, reevaluating the entire operation purpose of the equipment, replacing worn and damaged parts, reviewing safety items and applying modern parts and components that are easy to replace.

Thinking of giving a survival to your machine?

CALC helps you with the evaluation, planning and execution of retrofitting your machine as far as electric and automation are concerned.

Remote technical support and in company


CALC has a highly trained, efficient, and experienced technical staff at your company’s disposal. We offer monthly technical support packages, having at your company’s disposal, technicians 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Our technical support also offers:

  • Comply with PLC and identify the fault/defect;
  • Comply with Supervisory/IHM/Computers;

  • Update software and licenses;

  • Network communication;

  • Data analysis;
  • Support to the local engineer..

Assisted Operation, Commissioning and Startup of Machines and Equipment.


With its qualified and experienced technical staff CALC offers assisted operation services, where the technician follows the production process, checking operator’s errors and vices, identifies production bottlenecks, makes adjustments for a better efficiency of the process, trains the operators for the best operation, and finally develops diagnostic reports of the production process.

The commissioning of equipment and production lines consists in checking the entire electrical installation of the equipment, calibration of all sensors and actuators, program and supervisory tests, in addition to basic mechanical checks lie the oil levels, machine leveling, and physical installations in general, and then perform the equipment startup.

The Startup happens after the equipment is commissioned, the line starts operating, the necessary adjustments are made, and finally the operational training.

Automation Consulting


Development of technical studies based on the process needs of each company, proposing automation solutions for the problems encountered.

Evaluation of automation systems already in operation, implementing analysis tools and failure diagnosis, proposing through the results obtained, improvements to the system.

Project Management


Managing a project is nothing more than having the ability to visualize, to imagine all the stages of a project, from the beginning, conception, until its conclusion, assuring its viability and execution, using for such specific knowledge and abilities, aiming at predetermined deadlines and costs.

CALC, based on its experience in large Rendering projects, offers support to your project, acting in:

  • Initiation – Definition of the scope of Machines and Equipment and mass balance;
  • Planning – Elaboration of Schedules and Cost Analysis;

  • Execution – Execution and schedule management;

  • Monitoring and Control – Costs and Deadlines;

  • Closing – Final delivery of the project.

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    We carry out electrical and automation projects for your equipment and production line, we are process specialists.